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The Inner Power Of Healing with Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. (MP3 Audio Download)


Dr. Remen delivers an outpouring of wisdom about healing and the mysteries of life and death in this moving and eloquent interview. She challenges us to “confront the unknown” because people recover from illness for reasons that we don’t understand. Remen always asks her patients what they consider to be true about their illness; she has discovered that what we believe influences our health far more than we know. Her insights from over forty years as a physician, as well as her personal experience of living with a chronic disease, will change the way you think and your ability to cope with illness in yourself or your loved ones. Our wounds are “badges of credibility,” not of weakness, and Remen reminds us that “it’s not necessary to live an easy life to live a good life.”

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-The Inner Power of Healing-Rachel Naomi Remen

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